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Pest IT - Myna Magnet

Myna Magnet

Its time to win the war against destructive Indian mynas

Pest IT is pleased to introduce Myna Magnet and the new Mini Myna Trap - The modern and humane solution to a potentially devastating environmental pest problem.

Introducing the Mini Myna Magnet to the Myna Magnet range of professional trapping systems.

Myna magnetMiniMyna Trap Set

Complete MiniMyna trap set. Includes Feed Cage, Holding Cage, 2 walkins, 1 One Way Valve and Springs, 2 feed dishes, 1 perch, assembly clips, gassing bag and instructions. More Info

Myna Magnet range is a scientifically designed Indian myna trap with proven performance in controlling a difficult enemy – Indian mynas (Acridotheres tristis also called Common mynas).

This trapping system is the result of years of study and research by Dr. Chris Tideman at Australian National University (ANU) and is highly effective and selective. Help our environment and save our native bird species by eradicating the “Cane Toad with Wings” with this trap.

It is time for Australian homeowners and pest managers to help win the war against Indian mynas.

Why are mynas a problem?

In eastern Australia, populations of Indian mynas are growing dramatically. As a result, this destructive exotic pest species has become a major urban nuisance, poses potential health risks to humans and livestock and has a serious, negative impact on biodiversity. Indian mynas are listed by the World Conservation Union as one of the World’s 100 Worst Invasive Species.

  • Destructive Avian Pest - Major Urban Nuisance
  • Displaces Native Birds - Noisy and Messy Pest
  • Droppings are a Major OH&S Issue - Nests Clog Guttering

Trapping Programs

Australian pest managers can now join in the program to eradicate Indian mynas with confidence. Great personal and business satisfaction can be achieved by offering Myna management programs to domestic, commercial, agricultural, horticultural, industrial and government clients. Catches of over 50 Indian mynas are not uncommon in domestic yards over a short trapping period. Commercial programs have trapped up to 600 mynas in a streetscape/township over a three month period (see successful case studies below). Pest managers can be self-assured that they can have a significant impact on local Indian myna populations and therefore a very positive result for your client and local environment.

The trapping program takes place over a few weeks, commencing with pre-feeding followed by the gradual assembly of the trap until trapping commences.

We have compiled information and trapping protocols to assist you trapping program:

Don’t just take our word for it, here are some case studies of successful trapping programs:

European Starlings (Sturnus vulgaris)

Myna Magnet is also ideal for trapping other pest species including European Starlings. Starlings are a significant pest bird in Australia throughout rural, horticultural and domestic situations.

The Myna Magnet Trap

Myna Magnet

The Mini Myna Trap

The Mini Myna Trap is ideal for home or professional use. The compact design is collapsible, easy to us and convenient for transport and storage. The complete Mini Myna trap set includes Feed Cage, Holding Cage, 2 Walk-ins, 1 One Way Valve and Springs, 2 feed dishes, 1 perch, assembly clips, gassing bag and instructions.

Myna Magnet Trap

Myna Magnet is a well constructed and robust trap system that is ideal for professional trapping programs. The Myna Magnet is an all metal collapsible trap that will take up little room in your vehicle or storage area.

  • Myna Magnet trap errected - 1.8m (h) x 0.7m (w) x 0.7m (l)
  • Myna Magnet trap collapsed - 0.15m (h) x 0.7m (w) x 0.7m (l)


Myna Magnet includes:

A two chamber collapsible trap, perches, drinker, feeder, one-way doors, a gassing kit and instructions.

For the first time, pest managers can now offer a professional Myna eradication program for domestic, rural and commercial clients.

Further reading – Australian National University (ANU)

The website of the ANU's Indian Myna Project is a valuable resource for all of those people who are interested in Indian Mynas (Acridotheres tristis, sometimes incorrectly spelt Mynahs) and the problems they are causing (

Global Invassive Species Database - Indian myna page of ISSG

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Myna Magnet

Myna Magnet

Myna Magnet in Trapping Mode

PestITIndian Myna

Indian mynas
(Acridotheres tristis
are also called Common mynas)


Myna Magnet


Myna Magnet Trapping Cycle (pdf)

Myna Magnet Trapping Plan

Myna Magnet Case Studies

Why Indian mynas are a problem

Indian Mynas

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